How It Works

How the Program Works

Members have the option to search and filter results to find the best referral match for their patient. Users will get a list of results in a directory listings view where they will either select a doctor from the list and proceed to refer a patient to the selected physician or continue their search. Searching for physicians is easily done using zip code, city or state and can be further narrowed down by filtering for accepted insurance plans, area of specialization, and/or appointment availability.


Your Universal Referral Management Solution

Open Access Network

Regardless of EMR, Specialty, or Location, any Physician can use The Chiasm. Searching the directory allows you to match your patient to the right specialist for their medical needs.

Referral Management

Streamline all your referrals in one platform. Track referrals starts to finish while communicating with doctors digitally. Medical records can be uploaded and shared with corresponding doctors offices.

Modernized Referral System

Receiving referral by phone and fax are antiquated and inefficient. The Chiasm allows for a quick and easy way to send a referral and receive it thru a HIPAA secure platform.

DirectFax System

Stopping referral leakage is essential. Usage of DirectFax allows offices to receive all faxes within The Chiasm to be viewed with all your referrals received. Staff will appreciate one designated area for faxes pertaining to referrals.

Office to Office Chat

Bridge the communication gap between doctors and doctors offices. The Chiasm allows doctors or staff to communicate thru a HIPAA complaint chat box.

Strategic Staff Training

We can help you create a strategic plan to make new referral connections, increase referrals and retain existing referrals. Implementation of Referral protocol is Key in your Success. Click Here to learn more about Connector plus.

Doctor Access and Engagement

Doctors have the ability to search the directory for the proper specialist. Create a contact list for ease of referring to doctors whom they commonly refer to. Request Medical records and more.

Patient Access

Patients have access to find you on the directory and request an appointment based on their location, insurance, and medical needs. Patients referred thru The Chiasm by another physician will leave the office knowing who is their specialist and why they are being referred.

Co Management Tracking

Referring doctors can stay connected to their patient knowing they will be notified if patient seen and requires post op care.

Networking Events

Connections are essential part of business grow. The Chiasm host quarterly networking events virtually and in person. We love hosting continue educations, coffee chats, specialty and local chapter mixer for doctors to have the opportunity to learn about each others specialty.

Brand Awareness

You are your brand. Become the spotlight specialist and let other doctors know you exist. We showcase doctors in monthly newsletters help other doctors connect their patient to the specialist they truly need. We also share your information thru social media pages and groups.

Program Benefits

For the Patient:

  • Eliminates the need to find their own specialists
  • Saves time since the scheduling is done through the site
  • Ensures referrals are to trusted doctors
  • Gives the peace of mind that all of his/her doctors are communicating about his/her care

For the Referring Physician:

  • Helps you make sure your patients end up in the hands of a trusted colleague
  • Increases the efficiency of the referral process for you and your staff
  • Tracks your patient’s status through the site
  • Improves relationship with your patients since you are able to follow-up with them more frequently

For the Referred Physician:

  • Increases patient traffic to your practice
  • Improves your staff’s efficiency and time-management
  • Keeps all patient documents from referring physician in one place
  • Growth of your professional network among your colleagues

For Referral Coordinators/ Physician Liaisons:

  • Provides you and your referral department the proper tool to work efficiently
  • Simplicity and Uniformity; One system, One device Tracks all referrals instead of misplaced text, emails, faxes and papers
  • Communicate easily with referring doctors staff thru a chat feature to avoid long phone calls
  • Make Co managing easier
  • Show your work thru reports and analytics
  • Make new connections thru the directory and networking events. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of future events.

Strengthen your practice today by connecting digitally and personally with the top referral source