5 Benefits of Choosing The Chiasm For Your Practice

Whether you’re a primary care doctor, ophthalmologist, specialist, or another type of physician, managing referrals is an important part of growing your business and ensuring better patient care. Traditional methods of communicating referrals through faxing the information is antiquated. And, doing it over the phone takes precious time away from your busy staff. Fortunately, there’s a better way to connect physicians and patients as a way to increase your inbound referrals and simplify tracking and communication from start to finish — it's called The Chiasm. Keep reading to learn how our revolutionary digital doctor referral network can help you. 

If you have a medical practice, then you know that referrals are a key part of growing your business. People are more likely to trust recommendations from people they know, which is why doctors tend to get most of their referrals from current patients who refer their friends and family. Patients are also more likely to make an appointment with someone their current doctor has recommended. When it comes down to it, you, your patients, and other doctors all rely on a network of trust and communication to help identify and relay information related to referrals. Unfortunately, without a system to manage it all, you are likely missing out because other doctors may not be aware of your practice, and an estimated 1 in 3 patients do not follow up with the specialist to whom they were referred to. Here’s how The Chiasm can help.

Track Referrals 

At its core, The Chiasm is a digital doctor-referral network that allows you to make connections with other trusted colleagues. Those connections — whether you receive referrals from another doctor or a patient, or you are the one referring your patients to another physician or specialist — can be tracked in our secure, HIPAA-compliant web portal. 

Once in The Chiasm system, you can easily check on patient status, see which patients have been referred to you, and provide your patients with the best physician recommendations for them based on predetermined factors such as location or insurance coverage. Overall, by using The Chiasm instead of relying on time-consuming methods such as phone calls and faxes, we can help make your medical practice more efficient.

Get More Referrals 

One of the biggest reasons for joining The Chiasm is to grow your business. Doctors receive most of their business through referrals, so it would only make sense that you would want to find ways to improve the number of referrals you receive. When you sign up for our standard or advanced plan, you’ll be able to instantly receive unlimited referrals from other physicians. Not only that, but you’ll be promoted through our social media network.

Manage patients and watch your business grow with instant access to activity reports so you can see how many referrals are coming into your practice from The Chiasm. We’ll not only help you get more exposure and patient traffic, but we’ll also give you the tools necessary to help manage it all. 

Improve Efficiency

The purpose of The Chiasm is to provide an easy, user-friendly platform to connect doctors and patients. It allows you to make sure your patients end up in the hands of a trusted professional while also increasing traffic to your practice as a result of the referrals that you receive. The benefits go both ways, but there’s another reason why you need The Chiasm: to help manage it all.    

More referrals are good, but they can create additional work for your staff in the form of phone calls and faxing of documents. Fortunately, with The Chiasm, scheduling is done through our site and all patient documents are kept in one place. This saves time and ensures that everyone has the necessary information to provide the best possible care.  

Better Communication 

Another key factor in maintaining a successful medical practice is through nurturing patient relationships. With The Chiasm doctor referral network, you can help your patients find the right specialists and provide better, more frequent communication. Oftentimes, if a patient is left to seek out their own specialist, they may not get the care they need in a timely manner. If you use our system, however, you can seek out the right doctor for their needs and make the appointment for them. 

Three Different Options

At The Chiasm, we offer three different pricing plans — allowing you to choose the best one for your needs and budget. Our base plan is free and allows you to send unlimited referrals to physicians registered in our directory. With our standard plan, you pay one monthly membership fee to not only send referrals to other physicians, but to also get unlimited referrals sent to you! Our enhanced plan is our top-tier plan and it's only accessible to a limited number of accounts. You’ll get everything that comes with the other plans plus additional features such as the ability to add videos to your profile, exclusive networking event opportunities, and preferred listing of your business in our directory.

Read more about the different Chiasm membership options by visiting our pricing and plans page.

Join The Chiasm Today

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