How Physicians Can Increase their Referrals with The ChiasmĀ 

Across all health care specialties, referrals are recognized as extremely important. In particular, doctor referrals are one of the most important mechanisms by which specialists acquire and retain patients. 

According to Boost Medical, “Primary care physicians refer to specialists, and specialists might refer patients to another specialist or primary care physician. Further, there are a variety of reasons that even doctors in the same specialty refer patients to each other. Sometimes a practice is overwhelmed and cannot take new patients, and sometimes the practice isn’t a good fit.” 

Whatever the reason behind the referral, getting your name and practice out there is key! 

Traditionally, physicians looking to increase their referral network will market themselves through traditional modes like a Google profile, or try to build a network from scratch by introducing themselves to practices in their area (Kiemen). 

However, the most cost-effective and seamless way to build up your referral network and start seeing patients is to join a physician directory. 

Optimized Referrals Through The Chiasm Directory

The Chiasm is a physician referral program that will help you to streamline your patient acquisition strategy. 

The next time a physician is looking to refer his/her patient to a specialist, the platform will use the descriptive information you provide at sign-up to push your practice to their filtered results. 

As a user of the HIPAA-compliant, user-friendly, and secure platform, you can expect: 

  • Increased patient traffic to your practice
  • Improved staff efficiency and time-management
  • A central hub where all patient documents from the referring physician are kept
  • Growth of your professional network among your colleagues

Pluss, users who sign up for the Enhanced Plan can even advertise their practice throughout the site in the form of text ads, banners, and directory listings and so much more! 

Ready to optimize the way you get referred? Sign up today or click HERE to read about The Chiasm’s Free or Enhanced Plans! 

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What is a Physician Directory?

As a physician, you are responsible for the health and well-being of your patients. In addition, you also have the responsibility of making accurate physician referrals for patients who may have a complex medical situation or who may require a specialist’s opinion. 

A large part of today’s patient referrals are done in-house, meaning that most primary care doctors work will refer patients to physicians under the same health care network or hospital group. This is thought to improve the quality of care and care coordination, as well as reduce coordination costs (Carevoyance).  

As a physician, you want to be able to identify the best possible physician or team of doctors within your network to handle your patients’ questions or concerns. One way you can do this is by having access to a robust referral network from which to choose physicians from. 

This is where a physician directory like The Chiasm comes in.  

The Chiasm: A Referral Network That Works 

The Chiasm is a user-friendly platform that helps you to connect with other physicians through an extensive directory. Through the HIPAA-compliant platform, securely searching for physicians is easier than ever. 

When you filter through the directory, you will get a list of results in a directory listings view where you can select a doctor from the list and proceed to refer a patient to the selected physician. You can filter using a zip code, city or state, and further narrow down your results by filtering for accepted insurance plans, area of specialization, and/or appointment availability.

How The Chiasm Platform Streamlines Patient Care 

Not only does The Chiasm directory help physicians to ensure that their patients are being referred in the most efficient way possible, but it also avoids the patient having to find their own specialist and dealing with the numerous roadblocks that patients often face when trying to find or schedule their own referral appointments.  

Are you a physician looking to join a revolutionary doctor referral network? Click HERE to sign up today!  

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Key Benefits of The Chiasm

Key Benefits of The Chiasm


Why join The Chiasm? Our online referral network offers continuing education, a virtual vendor’s marketplace, live and virtual events, a new way to form connections throughout the world of medicine, and other amazing benefits. Our website gives each of our users a technological advantage by providing an easier way to manage referrals. Whether you’re a physician, vendor, or patient, The Chiasm allows you to interact with the right people in your area. If you’re looking for a specific specialty, it provides you tools to interact with the users you’re looking for.


The Chiasm also provides coupons to all of our members. Whether you have a free, standard, or enhanced account on the website, you will be eligible to receive discounts from vendors who participate with The Chiasm. As for vendors, instead of paying, they get a chance to be part of a FREE buying group. Physicians and vendors can look forward to our live event happening on March 17th, where vendors will be speaking for about 3-5 minutes to promote their products. The vendors will also be having a raffle so that each Chiasm member can have a chance to win a prize.


Join The Chiasm today to start receiving coupons and discounts! If you wish to attend the live virtual event, register today!


Referral Factor: Receiving Referrals

The Chiasm has created a new way for doctors to receive referrals digitaling. This new way of handling referrals also helps you increase the number of referrals you are receiving and creates a new avenue for potential patients by increasing online presence and networking opportunities.

Key points affecting Inbound Referrals:

  •   A good practice is built on a strong referral source: 

o   The Chiasm is a great way to build relationships between physicians, offering more ways to promote your specialty. This doctor referral network promotes your services as a medical professional to other offices in your area seeking your medical expertise. Instead of spending money on paid ads each month, unknowingly accepting patients from physicians you don’t recognize, allow The Chiasm to provide outreach from trusted practices near you.

  •       Receive referrals from other physicians: 

o   Even if you’re not receiving referrals, The Chiasm will provide you with access to meet other doctors near you. The Chiasm will give you the opportunity to grow your practice substantially and allow other doctors in your area to view your medical profile. 

o   If you are receiving referrals, The Chiasm will take your current network and grow it by reducing referral leakage, connecting you with other medical professionals, and offering you the upper hand to potential patients in need of your medical services. 

  •       Be found on our doctor and patient directory: 

o   More often than not, it can be a difficult task for both doctors and patients to find the medical specialists that they require. Through our referral network, your specialty or physician’s office will be featured on our easily accessible directory to drive in more clients, whether it be other patients or doctors. With The Chiasm, it’s free to send unlimited referrals to physicians registered in our directory. 


What are you waiting for? Join the Chiasm today and start receiving referrals! Are you tired of referrals getting lost in the fax machine? When you join our physician referral network, you will be able to diminish the constant back and forth between other physicians, and experience a quick and easy way of receiving referrals. Learn more at!

Retain Referrals


Are you tired of losing money because of lost referrals? The Chiasm can help fix the problems of lost referrals. Through the Chiasm, you will be able to keep track of each referral you send and receive. This physician network grants you the access to keep your medical documents organized and accounted for. The Chiasm can help your medical practice grow by offering you a better solution to retain referrals. 

The Chiasm helps to store patient files for both primary care referrals and specialists. Rely on a clearer form of communication and forget about lost referrals, saving you hundreds each year. Not only is a lost referral money wasted, but also time and resources. Through this HIPAA compliant referral network, make it easier for your office to maintain patient satisfaction, by getting them to their specialist as soon as possible.

Nothing is worse than receiving a call asking to resend a referral, or a patient showing up because their specialist never received a fax. To eliminate the hassle, our physician referral service will give your office the boost it needs to create a paperless way of sending and receiving referrals.

  •       Patient Interaction: The Chiasm will create an easier way for each doctor to interact with their patient. Instead of speaking to a patient five or six times to call a specialist because they still haven’t sent their visit notes; our referral management system will provide both doctors with the tools they need to communicate to each other and their mutual patient.
  •       Increase of patients: Our referral network seeks to bring each of our members more patients. Once patients see how well your office handles referrals, they will see how efficient your practice is and encourage others to visit your office. The Chiasm will give our members the opportunity to be featured in our social media platforms to drive in potential patient’s and other medical professionals. 
  •       We Create an Experience: This is a doctor’s database, which means that trained professionals will be the ones using our platform and will be the only ones to have access to it. Our goal is to gain the trust of medical professionals, by showing each of our members that we can influence their day-to-day office needs and reduce their office clutter significantly.   
  •       Eliminate wait times: The worst thing for both a patient and doctor, is the waiting. Sometimes offices don’t answer the phones, or they forget to call a patient to schedule a follow-up. With the help of our doctor referral network, we introduce a new way of getting things done. Each member will have the capability of keeping notes on each patient, allowing the staff to know when to call a patient, when to expect an incoming referral, and what exactly a doctor has ordered.

The Chiasm will help each practice have the chance to be considered the best choice for a potential patient. This doctor database will allow doctors to be more attentive with their patient’s situations, establish clear communication between medical professionals, and create a new way of retaining referrals. Join today and be the Chiasm!