Referral Factor: Receiving Referrals

The Chiasm has created a new way for doctors to receive referrals digitaling. This new way of handling referrals also helps you increase the number of referrals you are receiving and creates a new avenue for potential patients by increasing online presence and networking opportunities.

Key points affecting Inbound Referrals:

o   The Chiasm is a great way to build relationships between physicians, offering more ways to promote your specialty. This doctor referral network promotes your services as a medical professional to other offices in your area seeking your medical expertise. Instead of spending money on paid ads each month, unknowingly accepting patients from physicians you don’t recognize, allow The Chiasm to provide outreach from trusted practices near you.

o   Even if you’re not receiving referrals, The Chiasm will provide you with access to meet other doctors near you. The Chiasm will give you the opportunity to grow your practice substantially and allow other doctors in your area to view your medical profile. 

o   If you are receiving referrals, The Chiasm will take your current network and grow it by reducing referral leakage, connecting you with other medical professionals, and offering you the upper hand to potential patients in need of your medical services. 

o   More often than not, it can be a difficult task for both doctors and patients to find the medical specialists that they require. Through our referral network, your specialty or physician’s office will be featured on our easily accessible directory to drive in more clients, whether it be other patients or doctors. With The Chiasm, it’s free to send unlimited referrals to physicians registered in our directory. 


What are you waiting for? Join the Chiasm today and start receiving referrals! Are you tired of referrals getting lost in the fax machine? When you join our physician referral network, you will be able to diminish the constant back and forth between other physicians, and experience a quick and easy way of receiving referrals. Learn more at!