Referrals are Important Part of Your Practice

Basics of Referral Management


Physicians encounter many challenges when it comes to managing their practice, some of which include finding and retaining patients, keeping track of patient information, and of course, providing a high level of patient care. Fortunately, many of these can be addressed with the help of a physician referral service that not only helps you stay organized and keep track of the referrals you make but also helps to bring more traffic into your office. In today’s blog from The Chiasm, we want to discuss some of the basics of referral management and how the right software can benefit you. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Referral Management?


In the healthcare industry, a referral is when a patient is directed to a medical specialist. For instance, if you visit your primary care physician and he believes it would be in your best interest to see a cardiologist, then he is going to refer you to one. Unfortunately, much of the time, the responsibility of finding a specialist lands on the patient — and many times, they don’t follow through with finding one. 


With a referral management system, however, you can help your patients get the care they need by referring them to a doctor within your network and then actually making the appointment for them. Likewise, when you get patients referred to you from other physicians, you want to keep track of who referred them and have one convenient location to go to access their patient records.


An effective referral management system can do many things. It not only helps to provide better quality of care, but it increases patient visits, improves staff efficiency, and provides doctors with an organized system for tracking patient data.

Physician Referral Service: Patient Benefits


Although a physician referral service can be seen as a type of marketing and CRM for your practice, it also offers many benefits for the patient. First and foremost, it makes the process of finding a specialist much easier. That’s because instead of having the patient do their own research to find qualified doctors within their network, the referring physician can access a list right from the network and make the appointment within a matter of minutes.


Simplifying the referral process not only saves time but it increases the likelihood that the patient will get the care they need in a timely manner. Plus, patients will have greater trust in their medical providers if they know they are communicating with each other and on the same page about the care that is needed. 

Benefits For the Referring Physician


For physicians who are using a system to set up and track referrals for their patients, a web-based network helps to keep everything organized and makes it easier and more efficient for your staff. Plus, you can make sure your patients are receiving high-quality care from providers you can trust. It’s estimated that half of all patient referrals never result in a visit if the responsibility falls on the patient to set it up. There are many reasons for this — perhaps the patient forgets, is too busy, or doesn’t think they really need to see a specialist. When this happens, the referring physician’s patient is at risk of developing more serious health problems.


A physician referral service will not only streamline processes, but it helps make sure patients get the care they need from the most qualified doctors. 

Benefits For the Referred Physician


There are several benefits for the physician who has their practice listed in a referral network. First, and most obvious, is the fact that they’ll get more patient traffic coming through their doors. Many times doctors may not know where their new patients are coming from — they can come from a referring friend or family member, and that’s perfectly fine. However, when you receive more new patients from your referral network, you also get their history and patient documents from the referring physician so you can provide care efficiently and effectively. 

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