Retain Referrals


Are you tired of losing money because of lost referrals? The Chiasm can help fix the problems of lost referrals. Through the Chiasm, you will be able to keep track of each referral you send and receive. This physician network grants you the access to keep your medical documents organized and accounted for. The Chiasm can help your medical practice grow by offering you a better solution to retain referrals. 

The Chiasm helps to store patient files for both primary care referrals and specialists. Rely on a clearer form of communication and forget about lost referrals, saving you hundreds each year. Not only is a lost referral money wasted, but also time and resources. Through this HIPAA compliant referral network, make it easier for your office to maintain patient satisfaction, by getting them to their specialist as soon as possible.

Nothing is worse than receiving a call asking to resend a referral, or a patient showing up because their specialist never received a fax. To eliminate the hassle, our physician referral service will give your office the boost it needs to create a paperless way of sending and receiving referrals.

The Chiasm will help each practice have the chance to be considered the best choice for a potential patient. This doctor database will allow doctors to be more attentive with their patient’s situations, establish clear communication between medical professionals, and create a new way of retaining referrals. Join today and be the Chiasm!