How Physicians Can Increase their Referrals with The ChiasmĀ 

Across all health care specialties, referrals are recognized as extremely important. In particular, doctor referrals are one of the most important mechanisms by which specialists acquire and retain patients. 

According to Boost Medical, “Primary care physicians refer to specialists, and specialists might refer patients to another specialist or primary care physician. Further, there are a variety of reasons that even doctors in the same specialty refer patients to each other. Sometimes a practice is overwhelmed and cannot take new patients, and sometimes the practice isn’t a good fit.” 

Whatever the reason behind the referral, getting your name and practice out there is key! 

Traditionally, physicians looking to increase their referral network will market themselves through traditional modes like a Google profile, or try to build a network from scratch by introducing themselves to practices in their area (Kiemen). 

However, the most cost-effective and seamless way to build up your referral network and start seeing patients is to join a physician directory. 

Optimized Referrals Through The Chiasm Directory

The Chiasm is a physician referral program that will help you to streamline your patient acquisition strategy. 

The next time a physician is looking to refer his/her patient to a specialist, the platform will use the descriptive information you provide at sign-up to push your practice to their filtered results. 

As a user of the HIPAA-compliant, user-friendly, and secure platform, you can expect: 

  • Increased patient traffic to your practice
  • Improved staff efficiency and time-management
  • A central hub where all patient documents from the referring physician are kept
  • Growth of your professional network among your colleagues

Pluss, users who sign up for the Enhanced Plan can even advertise their practice throughout the site in the form of text ads, banners, and directory listings and so much more! 

Ready to optimize the way you get referred? Sign up today or click HERE to read about The Chiasm’s Free or Enhanced Plans! 

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