What is a Physician Directory?

As a physician, you are responsible for the health and well-being of your patients. In addition, you also have the responsibility of making accurate physician referrals for patients who may have a complex medical situation or who may require a specialist’s opinion. 

A large part of today’s patient referrals are done in-house, meaning that most primary care doctors work will refer patients to physicians under the same health care network or hospital group. This is thought to improve the quality of care and care coordination, as well as reduce coordination costs (Carevoyance).  

As a physician, you want to be able to identify the best possible physician or team of doctors within your network to handle your patients’ questions or concerns. One way you can do this is by having access to a robust referral network from which to choose physicians from. 

This is where a physician directory like The Chiasm comes in.  

The Chiasm: A Referral Network That Works 

The Chiasm is a user-friendly platform that helps you to connect with other physicians through an extensive directory. Through the HIPAA-compliant platform, securely searching for physicians is easier than ever. 

When you filter through the directory, you will get a list of results in a directory listings view where you can select a doctor from the list and proceed to refer a patient to the selected physician. You can filter using a zip code, city or state, and further narrow down your results by filtering for accepted insurance plans, area of specialization, and/or appointment availability.

How The Chiasm Platform Streamlines Patient Care 

Not only does The Chiasm directory help physicians to ensure that their patients are being referred in the most efficient way possible, but it also avoids the patient having to find their own specialist and dealing with the numerous roadblocks that patients often face when trying to find or schedule their own referral appointments.  

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