The Physician Referral Program

The goal behind this physician referral program is to help make your medical practice more efficient and manageable through our user-friendly portal with an expanded physician directory. This process will help you and your staff better serve the needs of all of your patients. In order to ensure the quality of those joining the network, the sign-up process will require manual verification before members can be accepted into the network.

How the Physician Referral Program Works

Members have the option to search and filter results to find the best referral match for their patients. Users will get a list of results in a directory listings view where they will either select a doctor from the list and proceed to refer a patient to the selected physician or continue their search. Searching for physicians is easily done using zip code, city or state and can be further narrowed down by filtering for accepted insurance plans, area of specialization, and/or appointment availability.

This ensures that patients are being referred in the most efficient way possible so that they can get the care they need in a timely manner. It also avoids the patient having to find their own specialist and if the appointment is made for the patient, he/she is more likely to seek the needed medical attention instead of putting it off.

Program Benefits

For the Patient:

  • Eliminates the need to find their own specialists
  • Saves time since the scheduling is done through the site
  • Ensures referrals are to trusted doctors
  • Gives the peace of mind that all of his/her doctors are communicating about his/her care

For the Referring Physician:

  • Helps you make sure your patients end up in the hands of a trusted colleague
  • Increases the efficiency of the referral process for you and your staff
  • Tracks your patient’s status through the site
  • Improves relationship with your patients since you are able to follow-up with them more frequently

For the Referred Physician:

  • Increases patient traffic to your practice
  • Improves your staff’s efficiency and time-management
  • Keeps all patient documents from referring physician in one place
  • Growth of your professional network among your colleagues